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Default Psycho-Thrillers (PST) - Helpless 4

Psycho-Thrillers (PST) - Helpless 4

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The job hits close to home when Grace X loses someone near and dear to herƨer twin sister. She made arrangements to have her sister hold onto valuable documents but her sister became the target of a professional assassin tag team and was shot and killed in her home when they mistakenly identified her as Grace X. Grace X renders the team unconscious then ties them up and extract the truth on who killed her sister. She uses traditional sexual tactics then decides itӳ time to eliminate them. Grace X violently severs the cervical vertebrae of the young girl when she cracks under the intense stare of Grace X and confesses to her crime. As Grace X finishes marking her prey, she is caught off guard and strangled from behind by her partner who is filled with rage and revenge. He drains every morsel of life from Grace X, denying her everything opportunity for breath, dumps her on the conch then fucks her deep but tight cunt on the couch the spreads her ass and bangs away in her honey box on the floor where he finishes by spraying his semen all over her beautiful round ass. Catching his breath, he has some last taunting words for Grace X before cuddling with his dead partner and praying against hope for her to return to life. They never were lovers yet she taught him what love was and in this contested battle of professional skillƥveryone loses.

File Name: Psycho-Thrillers-Helpless_4.wmv
Duration: 32min 21s
File Size: 680 MB
Resolution: 768x432

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